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violinist in the woods - portrait photography art castle rock colorado
Violinist in the Woods

“Portrait Photography Art” is how I describe my photography style and technique. I love to “shoot” (photograph) people who are looking for something beyond the traditional. Once I get a glimpse of who you are, your passions and goals, I will search the perfect setting and timing, where I can capture who you are, who you will be. By the same token, I establish control over my shoots, seeking to capture that “look, style, and technique” I desire to achieve!

Capturing you in your “Moment of Purpose”…”Who You Are”, is my goal with all my sessions. I prefer session shoots outdoors…even if it rains or snows! You are beautiful, and this is what I will capture…your beauty, your love for life!

seductive eyes of a model - portrait photography art castle rock colorado
Seductive Eyes of a Model

Fashion and modeling portfolios are a must for current or new and upcoming, aspiring models. Whether indoor or outdoors on location, Gary Godfrey Photography can create the enhanced beauty of any model!

senior portait - portrait photography art castle rock colorado
Senior Portrait

From High School Senior portraits to Personal portraits, whether fashion, vocation, career, or just your love for something on a professional level, I will take my photo shots to another level.

children photography - portrait photography art castle rock colorado
A Natural Model

Children play a major role in creations of beauty! I really do enjoy photographing innocence in beauty in every aspect from “natural” to “fantasy”, artistic settings. Light, color, shadows and darkness, are combined to fashion a result any parent will love!

I spent sixteen years working with children and youth in camp ministry settings!

family portraits - portrait photography art castle rock colorado
Families Together

Family and Couples Portraits; they are always a delight! Working with families is not work. My goal is to always encourage their assistance in the creation of fun amidst the settings we choose.

couples portraits - portrait photography art castle rock colorado
Radiant Couple Portrait

Why do I enjoy photographing couples? During the fun, of which I encourage at my shoots, couples find a new or renewing expression of love. Capturing these loving moments on camera, and seeing the finished result of the editing process, fills me with a love only expressed by joy!

I love making memories!


wedding memories - portrait photography art castle rock colorado
Wedding Memories

Weddings Photography is always a challenge…you only get it right once! Weddings are the most demanding and time consuming of all portrait work we do, but the results are always the result of “under promise and over deliver”!

head shots company marketing - portrait photography art castle rock colorado
Company Marketing Image

Professional head shots and company photos for marketing is a developing business with Gary Godfrey Photography. Schedule yours in Colorado soon!

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I do not and will not, set a tight parameter of time, or how many prints or digital images I will offer. Yes, I have a baseline from which to work, to begin (as you can see below), but my goal is not to achieve a time limit, price, or amount of images, but to achieve the best work I can offer. It is not uncommon for me to over-shoot an allotted time-frame, to offer more images than initially suggested or offered.
Whether one (1), three (3), or many more, I will create a portrait(s) of masterpiece proportions you will love! I have been blessed with an “eye” and a “niche” for capturing something unique!

Session time and pricing is quite simple…depending upon the category. I am currently promoting my work in the Castle Rock, Colorado region only. This is how I work:

  • $125 per hour minimum on location ($85 per hour additional)
    ~ additional time calculations based upon estimated post-edit time
    ~ all quotes are customized for personal requests and needs
    On occasion I may offer “mini-sessions” at a pro-rated cost!

EVENT COSTS INCLUDE (but not limited to):

  • Digital Images provided in your own personal gallery – only the best of which I determine from the complete session(s) shoot(s) – no set limit or number. Your personal gallery, delivered via email, is complete with download options in high-resolution, as well as a “Shopping Cart” so you can order prints of many size choices.
    ~ Prints for custom framing
    ~ Canvas Wraps
    ~ Styrene Prints
    ~ Metallic Prints
  • 25% Deposit Required (or cost of mini-session if so stated)
    ~ An invoice will be sent prior to shoot requiring deposit

    ~ Final payment due upon delivery of gallery
    ~ Deposit is non-refundable unless cancellation is initiated by             Gary Godfrey Photography
  • If a cancellation is necessary, I only ask of notification as soon as possible. Postponements often occur due to weather or various reasons. Options are to reschedule same day or later. Remember, for personal shoots, some of the best portraits can be obtained in the rain!
  • All session-shoots are pre-arranged via initial meeting at location of your choice!
  • An “Agreement” whether digitally or hard copy may or may not be applied to session.

Any change(s) to cost, time, offers are at the discretion
Gary Godfrey Photography and are suggestions only
– everything is negotiable. Pricing, session times, locations, and offers are subject to change.

Complete pricing available on Price Sheet Page!

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Phone# will be offered once contact has been established.

Remember…my goal is to provide us both with the most absolutely, best portraits I can offer! I truly look forward to working with you in our first “session-shoot” together!

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